Popular CSE books on discount at the World Book Fair

Much of CSE’s groundbreaking research is published and is made available through publications. CSE will have a stall at the World Book Fair from February 14 to 22 where a large collection of books will be available. Many of these books will appeal to the lay reader such as the one below:

Environment History Reader
A collection of anecdotes, stories and the occurrence and evolution of environmental issues over a period of time, the Reader is a delightful read and also offers interesting and often comprehensive knowledge on issues such as colonialism, wars and slavery (and their relationship with environment), rise and fall of civilizations and industrialization, among others. It takes us to early debates on pollution and patents, and highlights instances of biopiracy and bioterrorism when these words had not found a place in the English dictionary and shows how ecology played a role in the rise and fall of ancient civilisations. It reveals the environmental underpinnings of warfare, diplomacy, even music and celebration.

State of the environment 2015: In India, environmental degradation is a runaway problem impinging on public health and exacerbating poverty. Pollution in our rivers is worse today than it was three decades ago. The garbage in cities is growing by the day, even as governments scramble to find ways of reducing plastic and hide the rest in landfills in far-off places. Air pollution in cities is getting worse and the poor are the most susceptible to the deleterious effects of toxins. In addition, climate change is now threatening lives and livelihoods. To know whether 2015 will leave its mark on environmental history, pick up our book.

We are offering a special discount of 15% on all our books from today to March 1. To know more about our publications, please visit: http://csestore.cse.org.in/

The winners can either collect their shirt from the CSE stall at the World Book Fair, the CSE Office or it can be mailed to them.

For further details, the winners should contact: Rakhi Jain, rakhi.jain@cseindia.org