Rainwater Harvesting System at Nizamuddin (East)


Location: Nizamuddin East, New Delhi
Scale: zonal level
Implementing organisation: Resident Welfare Society with architect Ms. Vandana Menon
Average annual rainfall: 611 mm

Total volume of rainwater harvested: 4,85,13,149 litres
Area: 2,00,916 sq. m.
Operational since : 2004
Capital cost : Rs 1.74 lakh


The Rainwater harvesting (RWH) system in Nizamuddin East Colony is designed to address the problem of water logging in the area. The system serves as an opportunity to improve the overall infrastructure of the residential area. The RWH system implemented is one of the green initiatives taken by the community in the residential area suffering from water logging as well as ground water depletion.



The rainwater from all the catchment areas of colony including roof, paved and unpaved areas is conveyed and collected through storm water drains. This rainwater is collected in a collection chamber (0.45 m x 0.45 m x 0.5 m) which is covered with a perforated slab and placed at a low lying area so that water can flow into the collection chamber naturally. Rainwater from the collection chamber is diverted to a recharge well (1 m x 1 m x 2 m) . This recharge well is provided with a recharge bore with depth of 10 m and recharge bore diameter of : 150 mm. The recharge well is provided with filtration material which includes layers of pebbles and coarse sand to ensure proper filtration of storm water used for recharge.

Typical section of storm water drain, desiltting chamber and recharge well



The colony is situated close to the Yamuna flood plains and the sub-soil is a mix of sandy and clayey soils. Thus, natural recharge is difficult. The water logging took place in some low-lying areas in the colony. During heavy downpours, the water level used to come up to the knees. The system was completed in 2004 and the residents could soon see the results. Water logging was reduced to great extent through recharge structures where water tends to collect naturally in low lying areas.


Ms. Vandana Menon
2, Nizamuddin East
New Delhi-110013