Residence at Salunke Vihar, Pune

Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Scale: Residential/ individual
Implementing organisation: Bhawalkar Ecological Research Institute (BERI), Pune
Designed Capacity: 1KLD
Operational since :
Capital cost :  Rs 5000 (as in year 2001)
O&M:  depends upon cost of biosanitiser only
The purpose of the implementation of the technology was the treatment of domestic wastewater and reuse with minimum investment and O&M cost.
Grey water (bathrooms and kitchens) from the seven flats of the same building was collected in a 1000 litre storage tank. One chip of the biosanitiser (100 mg) is added in the storage tank. Another chip of biosanitiser was added in 2006. According to the house owner, after every 5-6 years, there is a requirement to add the biosanitiser in the tank for the treatment (as per the personal communication). The treated wastewater is used for gardening.
Dr Uday S Bhawalkar
Director, R&D
Bhawalkar Ecological Research Institute
A1, Padma Park, Behind Padmavati Temple
Pune-411009, Maharashtra
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