SBT plant at Lovegrove pumping station, Mumbai Municipal Corporation

 Source: Sugam paryavaran Vikalp, Mumbai
Location: Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Scale: Municipal
Implementing organisation: Mumbai Municipal Corporation, IIT Mumbai
Designed Capacity: 3 MLD
Area: 2500 sqm
Operational since :
Capital cost :  Rs 3 Crores
O&M:  Rs 40-45 Lakhs per year
Lovegrove pumping station treats 3 MLD out of 600 MLD wastewater through SBT. The wastewater is first screened and then diverted to SBT for treatment. Remaining screened wastewater is directly disposed to the sea through tunnel.
The treatment system has two units of 1250 sq m each called as bioreactor. The perforated pipes are laid on the surface and the wastewater is distributed over the media through these pipes. Bioreactor has different layers consisting of stone or rubble, soil media (weathered rock) containing culture. The soil media comprised of locally available weathered rock Deccan Trap Besalt with the culture containing native micro flora. The wastewater trickles down the bed and undergoes treatment. The treated wastewater is collected in separate collection tanks and then goes to a common polishing pond. The treated wastewater then undergoes chlorination and sand filtration before it is reused. The Municipal Corporation provides recycled wastewater to Mahalaxmi race course and Wellington sports club and reuses treated wastewater for horticulture purpose and central cooling in its own premises.
Increase in DO: BDL to 3.0
BOD reduction: 99%
COD reduction: 94%
TSS reduction: 97%
(Source: Mumbai Municipal Corporation)
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