Soil Biotechnology Treatment at Naval Dockyard Housing Society, Mumbai

Location: Kanjumarg, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Scale: Community
Implementing organisation:
Naval Administration and IIT Mumbai
Designed Capacity: 50KLD
Area: 500 sqm
Operational since :
Capital cost :  Rs 5-6 lakhs
O&M:  approx. Rs 2 Lakhs per year
The wastewater is collected in a sump. The wastewater from the sump is pumped and distributed over the reactor bed. The treated wastewater gets collected in the collection tank and recirculated in order to achieve the desired result. One operation cycle lasts for 4-5 hrs. The bed is then rested for drying prior to next cycle of use. The  designed capacity of the system is 50KLD. However, it treats 150 KLD in three batches of 50 KLD each with an operation cycle of 4-5 hrs/batch.
Increase in DO: 0.7 to 4.8
BOD reduction: 94%
COD reduction: 94%
SS reduction: 96%
(Source: Sugam Paryavaran Vikalp, Mumbai)
Dr Avinash M Kadam
Sugam Paryavaran Vikalp Pvt. Ltd.
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