Seminar at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi (Kenya) - 15 April, 2015

Dr Suresh Rohilla (CSE) with Prof Bancy Mati Director WARREC JKUAT, Nairobi (standing on left) along with other senior academic staff.

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Programme Director was invited to deliver a talk on ‘Mainstreaming Sustainable Water Management in Africa - Need for building a South-South Partnership’ on 15th April 2015 at Nairobi. The seminar was organised by the Water Research and Resource Centre (WARREC),  Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi. 

The talk was attended by over 100 students and key academic staff members. Dr Rohilla shared the need for sustainable urban water management in Africa and particularly in Kenya. Key points highlighted are - 

First, water demand increasing faster than population growth - Africa water demand increase is projected to be 283 percent  – 3 times higher  than any other region and significant portion of new demand – 90 bill cu.m or 20 percent is projected from municipal and domestic sectors.

Second, the cities struggle to provide access to water and sanitation to their current population and conventional water management not sufficient to respond to future challenges. 

Third, mainstreaming the decentralised wastewater treatment including local reuse and capturing rainwater from macro and micro urban catchments has considerable potential for sustainable water management in town/cities in Africa. 

Fourth, the global initiative can become effective only if unique challenges and potential of each region and emerging solutions in different regions are well integrated to catalyse action locally and globally. 

Fifth, need for a south-south cross learning network of researchers, academics, practitioners, regulators and all those involved in advocacy for balanced environment and development – aimed at mainstreaming sustainable water management in both rural and urban areas is need of the hour to better understand the challenges and opportunities in rapidly urbanising Africa and particularly in Kenya. 

Dr Rohilla’s talk was followed with discussion on different areas of south – south learning, academic and student exchange between CSE – JKUAT.   

Prof Bancy Mati, Director WARREC delivered the vote of thanks and announced the beginning of new long term partnership between JKUAT – CSE.