Shit Flow Diagram (SFD), Bodhgaya

A Sanitation (or Shit) Flow Diagram presents a clear picture of how excreta flows are managed within the city. The diagram clearly depicts how excreta flows from user interface to the final disposal. It has the following stages:

➣ Three main types of containment systems found in Bodhgaya are:
1. Lined pit with semi-permeable walls and an open bottom (honeycomb structure) - 13% of the population is attributed to be dependent on such a system
2. Fully lined tank connected to an open drain is attributed to 25% population
3. Septic tank connected to an open drain or storm sewer is attributed to 24% population.
4. 38% population is still practicing open defecation

➣ The pit latrine with honeycomb structure is mainly observed in the slums. This is open at the base and does not have an outlet.

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