Soil scape filter technology at Nichrome India Ltd, Shirwal

Location: Shirwal, Satara district,  Maharashtra
Scale: Individual / Industrial
Implementing organisation: Shrishti Eco Research Institute , Pune
Designed Capacity: 10KLD
Area: 10-12 sqm
Operational since :
Capital cost :  Rs 2.75 Lakhs
O&M:  Rs 18000 per annum per year
Nichrome Industries provide packaging solutions to the food and non-food manufacturing companies, by supplying packing machines. Soil scape filter technology was adopted to treat the domestic wastewater generated by 150 users.
Estimated wastewater generated is around 7-8 KLD. The waste water is first collected in the collection sump. With the help of the pump, it is transferred to the filtration unit. The waste water through the perforated pipe system is sprinkled over the soil scape filter. The system is planted with Canna indica. The wastewater trickles down vertically and the filtration process takes 10-30 min. The treated waste water is then stored in the storage sump which is reused for gardening.
BOD reduction: 95.5%
COD reduction: 91%
TSS reduction: 89%
(Source:SERI, Pune)
Sayali Joshi
CEO, Shrishti Eco Research Insitute (SERI)
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Sinhagad Road, Pune 411030
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