Specialized training on groundwater recharge and rainwater harvesting for officials of Tanzania

Date: July 27 – August 9, 2021

The Rural Water-Waste Management Team conducted a specialized sponsored two-week online training on ground water recharge and rain water harvesting in rural areas for the government officials of Tanzania. The training was attended by 68 officials nominated from Ministry of Health, community development, Gender, Elderly and children of government, Tanzania. The objective of this training was to advocate the technical aspects of rain water harvesting and ground water recharge, how can the community be involved and the role played by community in maintenance of these structure, so that they can implement the knowledge in their country.

The online training involved self-study, online interactive discussions and recorded sessions from the experts which the participants were supposed to complete and ask questions in defined time frame. These sessions enabled the participants to have a practical understanding of water shed management and water budgeting taken up by Dr. Shashank Shekhar, professor Delhi University, understand the planning of watershed projects taken by Mr. Harish Hingorani, principal technical advisor to Ministry of Jal Shakti, importance of water quality monitoring and how programs like MGNREGA have helped india in conserving water resources taken up by Mr. Richard Mahapatra, CSE.

Apart from this various live doubt clearing sessions with the course coordinators, discussion forums helped participants interact and put forward their learnings enabling a better learning environment. This also motivated other participants to actively engage in the program. The participants appreciated the training programme. Participants also showed interest in attending the course physically when things become normal.



List of Participant
Thadeo M. Kiullah, Public health officer, Tanzania
The Training methodology was efficient and conducive to me since I could access all materials at any time whenever I got a time. Also I could get a lot of recorded session. Furthermore expert session were real constructive and helpful to cement in terms of technical and other water related stuffs
Tumaini Sadick, Newala DC, Tanzania
The training was excellent and helpful for solving water scarcity even though i wish to study it more so that I could be more expert on this important topic. Wish like this course could be repeatedly so that I will be more familiar. Wish to get opportunity of being engaged to other courses.
Miledi Dickson Maselo, Momba DC-Songwe, Tanzania
it is very important course to be taught to other participant in our country even in other country. I liked the Facilitation of the training from the facilitators, who encouraged people to make sure all are participating in this important training
Ritha Hendry Mlay, Bukombe DC - Geita - Tanzania
I’m so grateful for this online course because it has added valuable advantage to my work especially I am leaving in area where water resources is scarcity so through this training i can add something valuable to the community. The course is very important for others to learn issues of ground water and rain water harvesting system, management etc.