Sri Lanka limits lead in paints

Sri Lanka has becomes the latest country to introduce lead in paints standards. The Consumer Affairs Authority published a Gazette order on September 30, 2011 regulating permissible maximum lead content on paints and accessories. It shall come into force from January 1, 2013.

The Gazette states that “ no Manufacturer, Importer, Packer, Distributor or Trader shall manufacture, import and use or distribute, pack, store or sell or display for sale, expose for sale or offer for sale, wholesale or retail any paints unless such paints shall conform to the corresponding Total Lead Content given hereunder as specified by the Sri Lanka Standard Institution for such paints”.

They have set the permissible limits for different categories. For instance, The permissible limit in paints for toys and accessories for children is 90 mg/kg (90 ppm); Enamel paints and floor paints are set at 600 mg/kg (600 ppm); Emulsion paints for exterior and interior use is set at 90 mg/kg (90 ppm).