Stakeholder Workshop on Clean Air Strategic Action Plan and Implementation in Nigeria

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organised a Workshop on Clean Air Strategic Action Plan and Implementation in Nigeria in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Environment, Federal Democratic Republic of Nigeria on February 20, 2018 in Abuja. This workshop represents our initiative to promote good regulatory practices, facilitate exchange of ideas and strengthen capacity in the region to address the emerging challenge of air quality management, clean vehicle technology and fuel quality roadmap, vehicle import policy and mobility management.

During the workshop, the Nigeria Federal Government intended to intensify its efforts to mitigate air pollution especially in urban areas. Presiding over a jointly held this stakeholders’ workshop the Nigerian Minister of Environment, Mr Ibrahim Jibril conveyed the need for such plan which can reduce emissions from vehicles and propagate use of clean fuels. CSE is supporting the Nigeria Government on clean air action planning and implementation in the cities with a programmatic approach to reduce air pollution covering all essential control strategies for urban sources. As part of this initiative a national programme on vehicular emission control and cleaner fuels is expected to be implemented soon. In addition emphasis will be given to formal and informal modes of public transport modes. Such actionable plans and strategies are part of CSE’s clean air initiatives in Africa.


Further details regarding the plan are available here: Towards Clean Air in Nigerian Cities