CSE India: Submission on call for input 2024 - Issues included in the annotated agenda and related annexes of the eleventh meeting of the Article 6.4 Supervisory Body

April 23, 2024

The Supervisory Body, constituted under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement, has solicited input on several agenda items for its 11th meeting scheduled from April 29th to May 2nd, 2024. The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has submitted inputs regarding the Appeal and Grievance Procedure, drawing from our research publication "Discredited" from October 2023, which focused on the voluntary carbon market in India.

A robust grievance process should embody key principles such as accessibility, transparency, simplicity, affordability, and empowerment for the stakeholders it aims to serve. It is important that communities affected by activities governed by this mechanism have clear and unimpeded channels to voice their concerns. However, our study revealed that these communities often lack awareness of their involvement in such projects and are unaware of where to express their grievances. Despite attending stakeholder consultation meetings, they remain uninformed about their rights and the available mechanisms for recourse. This also underscores the importance of an effective stakeholder consultation process for disseminating the precise objectives of the activities to be undertaken, clarifying the roles of the impacted community and other stakeholders, and communicating both the negative impacts and the benefits accrued through the process. 

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Trishant Dev
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