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Countdown: The last 24 hours

December 10, 2011 Durban, Saturday 10:30 am New draft of Indaba text available. Shows hardening of stand of EU -- text now proposes only one date of 2015, by when the new protocol or another legal instrument applicable to all parties should have to be adopted.  Clearly, there seems to be no sign of a resolution to this COP.  Now Indaba is meeting again, plenary will meet soon (no specific time given).  The meeting may well extend into Sunday at this rate. 

Durban's final hours: our assessment and outcome

 Sunita Narain Durban, December 9: The halls outside are full of people who are now waiting for some action. But strangely enough, there is no sense of anticipation or excitement. Strange in a world, which is increasingly seeing the pain of climate change impacts, and which knows that time is running out.  So what was the agenda for this conference, and what is the expected outcome?

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Anju Sharma, Independent researcher, tracks negotiations on climate finance and discusses the outcome of the Durban talks