Tex Corp Limited's Rainwater Harvesting System


Total rooftop area - 4,000 square metres (Sq m)

Average annual rainfall in Gurgaon - 577.8 millimetre (mm)

Total volume of water harvested - 1962 cubic metre (m³) or 1962,000 litres

This represents 85 per cent of the total rainwater harvesting potential.

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The daily water requirement of about 90,000 litres for potable and non-potable purposes is met by two borewells and by private water tankers.

The rooftop rainwater from the factory building is channelised through a network of pipes linked through chambers to a settlement tank measuring 4.5m x 2m x 3m. The silt-free water from this settlement tank is diverted to three storage tanks, each with a capacity of 40,000 litres. The rainwater stored in the sub-surface tank along with groundwater from the borewell is used for industrial purposes.

The overflow water from these storage tanks is diverted to another settlement tank through a network of pipes and chambers. The silt-free water from the settlement tank is diverted to a borewell, which yields non-potable water.

The rainwater harvesting system was completed in August 2002. The water level as on February 2003 was around 12 m below ground level (bgl).

The cost of the entire rainwater harvesting system was Rs 5.5 lakh.


Water level data

This project clearly shows that rainwater can be stored and used for industrial purposes. Ground water is highly saline on the factory premises. The quality is so bad that it is neither fit for drinking nor for industrial purposes. There is no municipal supply in the area. The water requirements were met by private water tankers. Keeping in view that water quality was very poor and levels were rapidly declining in the area, Texcorp's authorities decided to take up rainwater harvesting on the factory premises. The water level in the factory measured 12.2 m below ground level (bgl) in April 2003. After implementing the rainwater harvesting system, the water level in July 2003 rose to 10.2m (bgl), representing a net rise of 2.0m, or 6.65 feet.

Results of monitroing
Water level 2006
Water level 2005
Water level 2003-2004

Water level 2006

Water Level 2005

Water quality 2005

Post Mansoon Water Quality
Post Mansoon Water Quality
Water Quality 2004

Water Level 2003-2004

Water Level Trends at tex Corp Ltd

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