The 6th World Water Forum, Marseille, France

Time for Solutions: 12-17 March, 2012

The 6th World Water Forum is scheduled to take place in Marseille, France between 12th and 17th March, 2012. The focal theme for this Forum is “Time for Solutions”. It aims to deliver a “Marseille Framework for Action” by the end of the week.

The overriding priority for the Forum is to ensure that the Right to Water is guaranteed and implemented by all countries of the world. In addition, the Forum has three broad thematic priorities: (1) Ensure everyone’s well-being; (2) Contribute to economic development; and (3) Keep the planet blue. There are also a set of goals to create the conditions for success by focusing on (1) Good governance; (2) Financing water for all; and, (3) Enabling environment. There also separate priorities for the different regions of the world  -- Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and 2 cross continental regions.

The 6th World water Forum seeks solutions to achieving all these targets and commitments that will be identified for each of the priority areas. For three days, discussions and debates spread over 250 sessions will be devoted to seeking solutions - technical, legal, financial, educational, etc.

A new commission, “Grassroots & Citizenship”, has been launched to involve and mobilise civil society. The aim of this Commission will be to root the World Water Forum in the local, national, regional and international realities and to contribute to citizen’s solutions in favour of water.