The Policy & Practice Forum 2023

APRIL 25 - 27, 2023
Policy & Practice Forum sessions on water and sanitation

APRIL 28, 2023
Workshop for laboratories on 'Analytical studies for the policy and practice shift towards non-sewered sanitation and circularity of resource management'

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) announces the convening of its 2023 Policy and Practice Forum (earlier known as SFD Week) from April 25-27, 2023, with the focus on providing inclusive and affordable solutions for water and sanitation management. Being organised in collaboration with the Water Research Commission (WRC), International Water Association (IWA), Faecal Sludge Management Alliance (FSMA), University of Columbia and GIZ, this international meet is designed as an experience-sharing and agenda-setting forum. It will bring together some 100 policymakers, practitioners and researchers to deliberate on the conditions prevailing at present and the priorities for the future.

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The Forum is expected to begin with discussions on how to scale up affordable and sustainable water and waste management practices, and go on to dwell on issues like innovations in governance and regulatory mechanisms, faecal sludge treatment systems, resource recovery for circularity, rural-urban convergence and climate change and resilience (see Agenda for details).

On April 27-28, CSE’s Environment Monitoring Laboratory will organise a workshop on Analytical studies for the policy and practice shift towards non-sewered sanitation and circularity of resource management. This will be a closed-door meet, designed as an experience-sharing and agenda-setting forum for laboratories on these critical issues globally. The organisations expected to participate include the CDD Society, Bengaluru; BITS-Pilani, Goa; IIT-Palakkad, Kerala; ENPHO/Eco Concern, Nepal; ITN, BUET, Bangladesh; Columbia University, USA; WASH Institute, Chennai; ASCI, Hyderabad and AIT, Thailand.

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Participation in both eventsfrom April 25-28, 2023 is only by invitation. Travel and accommodation of all participants will be supported by CSE.


Director, Water Programme
Centre for Science and Environment




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Water crisis not due to lack of water, but due to mismanagement of the resource, says Hardeep Singh Puri at CSE’s international meet on water and sanitation
SESSION 1: Inauguration
Transforming Urban Odisha: Towards Inclusive and Affordable Solutions for Water and Sanitation
By: G Mathi Vathanan
Principal Secretary, Housing and Urban Development Department, Govt of Odisha
Our evolving sanitation journey: why this paradigm shift to affordable and inclusive sanitation is needed? Where are we today? What are the new and old challenges for tomorrow? Our agenda together
By: Sunita Narain
Director General
SESSION 2: Keynote Presentations: Scaling Up of Affordable and Sustainable Water and Waste Management
Policies and Practices for Non-Sewered Sanitation
By: Roshan Raj Shrestha
Deputy Director, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Changing Cities from Fishes to Squirrels – What policies do we need?
By: Arne Panesar
Head, SuSanA Secretariat, GIZ
FSMA: Informing policy into Practice in FSM
By: Eva Mary
Program Coordinator, Faecal Sludge Management Alliance (FSMA)
Scaling of Affordable Water and Sanitation
By: Jennifer Molwantwa
CEO, Water Research Commission, South Africa

By: Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Program Lead, International Water Association
WASH in Asia: Status, challenges and solutions
By: Peter Harvey
Regional Advisor WASH, UNICEF, Kathmandu, Nepal
SESSION 3: Global and National Experience in Water and Sanitation: Challenges and Lessons. What Works, Where and Why?
A global journey on urban sanitation – looking back, looking ahead
By: Arne Panesar
Head, SuSanA Secretariat, GIZ
Achievements and future challenges of the CWIS approach in Bangladesh in terms of sustainability and inclusiveness
By: Abdullah Al-Muyeed
Chief Operating Officer, Citywide Inclusive Sanitation-Faecal Sludge Management Support Cell, Bangladesh
Institutional Set-up of WSAs and Municipalities to Promote FSM and other Inclusive Sanitation Interventions
By: Mr. Risimati Mathye
Department of Water and Sanitation – South Africa
Inclusive and Climate Sensitive Sanitation System Planning
By: Suraj Kumar
CEO, Innpact Solutions Private Limited
Using the Shit Flow Diagram to advocate and monitor inclusive sanitation in different parts of the world
By: Andy Peal
Independent WASH Consultant, Member SuSanA
SESSION 4: Enabling Policy and Regulatory Framework: Innovations in Governance
Context Setting
By: Subrata Chakraborty
Senior Programme Manager, Water Programme, CSE
WASH Policy and Regulation Initiatives in Nepal
By: Bhawana Sharma
Executive Director, Environment and Public Health Organisation, Nepal
Policy to practice – Learnings from implementation of innovation
By: K V Santhosh Ragavan
Senior Specialist, Indian Institute of Human Settlement
Enabling policy and regulatory framework: Innovations in Governance
By: Aveek De
Sanitation Mission Leader - E Gov Foundation
DAY 2: APRIL 26, 2023
SESSION 5: Faecal Sludge Treatment Systems: Planning, Technology, Performance, Economics and Operations
Context Setting
By: Pavan Kumar
Programme Manager, Water Programme,CSE
Journey towards safely managed sanitation in non-sewered sanitation areas of Bangladesh
By: Hasin Jahan
Country Director, WaterAid Bangladesh
Informed choice processes to support infrastructure investment decision-making
By: Rajeev Munankami
Multi Country Programme Manager, Urban Sanitation, SNV
Faecal Sludge Treatment Systems : Planning, technology, performance, economics and operations
By: Krishna K
Senior Project Manager, Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination, India
Case Study of Odisha
By: P K Mohapatra
Engineer In Chief, Odisha Water Supply and Sewerage Board
Informal sector engagement for sustainable FSSM
By: Sanjay Singh
Director Programs, Population Services International
SESSION 6: Resource Recovery for Circularity: Designing Treatment Systems and Standards for Nutrient Reuse and Recycling
Context Setting
By: Sumita Singhal
Programme Manager, Water Programme, CSE
GIZ portfolio review on wastewater and faecal sludge reuse
By: Alexandra Dubois
SuSanA Secretariat
Going Beyond Technologies and Standards
By: Dhawal Patil
General Manager,Ecosan Services Foundation
Designing for circularity : The water , food , energy nexus in an era of climate change Solutions
By: S Vishwanath
Founder & Director, Biome Environmental
Circularity on Used Water Management in smaller Towns
By: V K Chaurasia
Joint Advisor, CPHEEO, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Rural and Urban Biodegradable Waste – Challenges, Opportunities & Strategies for Resource Recovery
By: Navindu Gupta
Principal Scientist,ICAR-The Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Resource Recovery from Septage
By: Srikanth Mutnuri
Associate Professor, BITS Pilani (Goa Campus)
Quality Evaluation of Faecal Sludge-Based Biosolids in India to Ascertain their Reuse and Resource Recovery Potential
By: Vinod Vijayan
Deputy Lab Head, EML& FSM Laboratory, AAETI, CSE
SESSION 7: Rural Urban Convergence on Used Water, Sludge and ODF++
Context Setting
By: Sushmita Sengupta
Senior Programme Manager,Water Programme, CSE India
ODF ++, Rural Urban Convergence on Used water and Sludge
By: L K Atheeq
Additional Chief Secretary, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department, Government of Karnataka
Decision making pointers for FSM Clustering across the rural and urban continuum
By: Avinash Kumar Yadhav
Practice Lead - Water, Sanitation & Environment, National Institute of Urban Management
Exploring Urban –Rural; Rural-Rural Convergence in FSSM in Maharashtra
By: Ms Utkarsha Kavadi
Director, RCUES, AIILSG Mumbai and Maharashtra Urban WASH and ES Coalition
SESSION 8: Water and Treated Used Water Connection: The Opportunity for Augmented Water Conservation and Management
Context Setting
By: Ravi Kumar
Deputy Programme Manager - Water Programme, CSE
By: Pulkit Garg
Municipal Commissioner, Jhansi
Groundwater in the co-management of Waterand Wastewater
By: Himanshu Kulkarni
Founder, Advanced Center for Water Resource Development and Management, Pune
Water reuse challenges and how to overcome them?
By: Venkatesh Dutta
Professor, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, BabasahebBhimraoAmbedkar University, Lucknow
DAY 3: APRIL 27, 2023
SESSION 9: Climate Change and Resilience: Framing of Water Sensitive and Water-Wise Cities in the Climate Change Context
Climate Change and Resilience The Framing of Water Sensitive & Water-Wise Cities in the Climate Change Context
By: Manu Bhatnagar
Principal Director, Natural Heritage, Division, INTACH
Sanitation must be seen as a catalyst for climate action and sustainable development!
By: Arne Panesar
Head, SuSanA secretariat, GIZ
National Drinking Water Grid – an enabler for climate resilient water and sanitation?
By: Somnath Bandyopadhyay
Independent consultant, Ex. Prof.Nalanda University
Mainstreaming Nature-Based Solutions in India’s Cities
By: Manushi Ashok Jain
Co-founder, Sponge collaborative, Chennai
Climate Change and Resilience: Framing of Water Sensitive and Water-Wise Cities in the Climate Change Context
By: Depinder Kapur
Director, Water Programme, CSE
SESSION 10: Developing an Agenda for Change, Identifying Priorities and Collaborations
Working Group 1: Non-sewered sanitation treatment systems and solutions.
Working Group 2: How to scale up non-sewered sanitation systems.
Working Group 3: Way forward for an inclusive urban sanitation change agenda.
Working Group 4: Treated bio-solids— standards and re use.
Working Group 5: Rural-urban convergence for treated used water and sludge management.
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