The Story of Honey

For young and curious minds, one of nature’s enduring mysteries is how an eternally busylooking, buzzing insect – the honey bee – manages to create a food (honey) that is so sublime. And added to that is the question that always comes up: is the honey that I am eating ‘really good for my health’ and ‘pure and natural’?

We invite children, teachers and parents to a special Young Environmentalist MasterClass on the subject of honey and honey bees, with two well-known experts – Stan Thekaekara of Just Change India and Amit Khurana of Centre for Science and Environment.

STAN THEKAEKARA has over 40 years of experience as a human rights and development activist who has worked closely for and with tribals. He is the founder of Just Change, an international cooperative linking producers, investors and consumers (of products like honey) in mutually beneficial ways.

AMIT KHURANA works on public health and environmental aspects of food and food systems. As the head of CSE’s food safety and toxins programme, Amit spearheaded the Centre’s research on honey – specifically, studies on antibiotic residues and added sugar in honey.

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