Three day Knowledge Sharing Workshop cum Meeting with CSE and University of KwaZulu - Natal , Pollution Research Group

From left to right (Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla (Programme Director, CSE), Ms. Merlien Reddy (Sr. Lab Technician, UKZN PRG, Ms. Colleen Archer (Parasatologist, UKZN PRG and Mr. Bhitush Luthra, Sr. Research Associate, CSE)

A two member delegation from University of KwaZulu - Natal , Pollution Research Group (UKZN-PRG) , South Africa-  Ms Merlien Reddy - Sr Lab Technician and Ms. Colleen Archer – Parasitologist, took part in the three day knowledge sharing workshop cum meeting with CSE Water & PML team from November 30, 2015 to December 3, 2015.

The delegation shared the South African experience of UKZN PRG on setting up a Faecal Sludge Lab aimed at support to upgrading the CSE PML wastewater lab and also to set up first of its kind state of art referral lab on Faecal Sludge in India at AAETI as part of new CSE-BMGF project for capacity building of lab staff and ULB officials in Ganga basin. 

Key discussions during the meeting

  • Important safety features required in a lap setup which includes Emergency exits routes, showers, eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, chemical spill kits, exit wash area.

  • Requirements for a Faecal Sludge Lab- Key examples include stainless steel acid resistant work stations, dedicated acid resistant cabinets, separate balance room and correct lighting and ventilation. 

  • Correct procedures for storage, testing and disposal of chemicals and hazardous biological samples

  • Sampling tools need to be designed to collect faecal sludge samples

  • Protocol for determination of Ascaris (Helminth) Eggs in faecal sludge samples


For more information, kindly contact

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Programme Director- Water Management
Centre for Science and Environment