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Decentralised Waste Water Treatment

Decentralised wastewater treatment systems

CSE has reviewed and documented select case studies that present innovative, sustainable and affordable ways of treating the sewage locally including reuse/recycle. The case studies comprise of the wastewater treatment systems which have been implemented at individual, community/cluster and at municipal level. To see the state- wise distribution of the implemented projects click here..

Training programme on 'Sustainable Water Management' in Nepal, July 5-9,2012

   CSE is organising the following training programmes in partnership with CIUD, Nepal. Sustainable water management systems like harvesting rainwater and decentralised wastewater treatment including reuse and recycle can substantially increase the availability of water in areas where supply is scarce and has also become an economical and ecological benefit. The details of the programme (s) is as follows:

Decentralised Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Technologies

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