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Press Conference: Singrauli shocker

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) to release its new study on massive mercury poisoning in Uttar Pradesh Study to be released by CSE director-general Sunita Narain at press conference in Lucknow Points to a public health crisis in the making

The paranoia of pedestrian(s)

A reflection on 'walkability' in South Asia By: Papia Samajdar Aug 29, 2012 It was that time of the day, when lunch will be served too late to make the hunger pangs wait, as well as to order a small snack, because the canteen fellows are too busy preparing lunch, plus its a bad excuse to let a customer escape from their hardships of the preparation.

A 'kurz' overview

CSE Fellowship Media Briefing on ‘Backs to the wall: Tigers, tiger habitats and conservation’ By: Papia Samajdar Finally, we managed to pull through the much challenged fellowship media briefing on tigers and issues around tiger conservation, and not just pulled through but did quite a good job of it, as it turned out -- gauging from the feedback of the resource people, and of course the journalists who, I believe, need this kind of downpour of information to make them understand the issues in-depth.