Training for IFS Probationers

Date:  May 12 - 13, 2015 

Venue: Centre for Science & Environment, 41 Tughlaqabad Institutional Area, New Delhi 110062

The Climate Change training programme for IFS probationers will be on May 12th and May 13th of 2015.  This is being designed as an intensive and highly interactive course to expose the participants to the current challenges and issues on the subject such as:



Will the world manage to prevent run-away climate change? What are the countries doing and should be doing with regard to their INDCs? What must be the essential components of the new climate agreement? What challenges and vulnerabilities does India face? What programmes and policies does India have to deal with climate change?  The course will also expose participants to related issues, such as adaptation and short term climate pollutants.

The timing of the course is important, given that the climate negotiations process under UNFCCC is fast approaching a crucial deadline, when the world meets in Paris later this year to agree to climate actions, especially on the national climate action plans, ‘Intended Nationally Determined Contributions’(INDCs) as provided for in the 2014 Lima climate Summit.

Below is the tentative agenda for the 2 day event. We will be updating the page with more information and names of speakers in the coming few weeks

Programme Schedule


Presentation (Day 1)
About CSE
By Chandra Bhushan
Climate Change: Facts and politics; science and art; present and future
By: Sunita Narain
Science and impacts of climate change
By Chandra Bhushan
Negotiating the [ ] ]
By: Indrajit Bose
Evaluating the INDCs of Mexico, Russia, EU and US
By: Vijeta Rattani
Environmental & Carbon Finance
By: Swapan Mehra
CDM: Experience and way ahead?
By: Chandra Bhushan
"Climate Action through Forestry and REDD+”
By: Jagdish Kishwan
Global Renewable Energy And Energy Access Transformation
By Aruna Kumarankandath
Presentation (Day 2)
SLCFs: the co-benefit agenda
By: Chandra Bhushan
Indian Ocean warming-its extent, and impact on the Monsoon and Marine Productivity
By: Roxy Mathew Koll
Renewable Energy in India: Growth and Targets
By: AK Tripathi
Extreme weather events and adaptation to climate change in India
By: Arjuna Srinidhi
By: Aditi Sawant,
The role of Black Carbon from Diesel
By: Priyanka Chandola