Training on Decentralised Sanitation solutions for Grey Water and Faecal Sludge: March 6-9,2018

The aim of the training programme was to develop a cadre of practitioners with knowledge, skills and attitude for mainstreaming sustainable FSSM and grey water management.   

The training was attended by 26 WaterAid India practitioners and partners from different backgrounds and different organisations, who are mostly working in the WASH sector.

The training was given on subjects such as the preparation of Shit flow diagrams, concept building and designing of decentralized wastewater treatment systems, designing of onsite sanitation systems and sustainable options which are cost effective and energy efficient at various scale (ranging from household to community level). The field visit included visit to the Bhureda village, where the village panchayat and school authorities explained the interventions done in the village to make it ODF. Also the participants were exposed to various decentralized wastewater treatment options implemented at institutional scale at AAETI. This provided them a handon experience and interaction with the implementers.

The training included hands-on exercises to make the learning process more efficient. The last day started with ‘Do It Yourself’ exercise. In this session participants received hands on experience in planning and designing of DWWT system at different scale and gained better understanding of managing wastewater in a decentralized way and further presented their design and planning of the systems. The outline of presentation included data analysis and demand estimates, planning and designing of DWWT structures at site. A representative from group gave presentations. This was followed by feedback session to understand about the relevance of the entire training programme. Participants appreciated the content, methodology of the training and expressed their interest to implement projects on sustainable water management within their domain. Thereafter certificates were distributed among the participants.