Training on Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM): Nove. 06-09, 2017

Date: November 06-09, 2017

Venue: Chuti resort, Joydebpur, Bangladesh

Center for Science and Environment (CSE) and Water Aid Bangladesh (WAB) are jointly organizing a 3 day training programme for capacity building of practitioners, academicians and government officials from Bangladesh on Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM). The goal is to create an enabling environment for mainstreaming FSSM in Bangladesh and across South Asia.  

For a glimpse of the previous year’s training, including the list of participants are available at:

About training programme: 

The aim of the training programme is to develop a cadre of practitioners with knowledge, skills and attitude for mainstreaming sustainable FSSM in Bangladesh.   

The training includes current state of knowledge of this rapidly evolving field and presents an integrated approach that includes planning, technology and management. It addresses the planning and organization of the entire faecal sludge management service chain, from the collection and transport of sludge and its treatment options, to the final end use or disposal of treated sludge.

The training will be conducted based on state of the art teaching – learning tools consisting of interactive sessions, experiential learning using detailed case studies, working in groups on planning and designing and class room lectures supported by documentary films. 

In addition to providing fundamentals and an overview of technologies, the training deals with details of operational, institutional and financial aspects, and provides guidance on how to make a city-level faecal sludge management plan with the involvement of all the stakeholders.

Target Groups:

The target group for this training will be practicing engineers, researchers, academicians from universities and officials from government agencies like Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) across Bangladesh.

Registration: By invitation from Water Aid Bangladesh. 

For further information contact

WaterAid, Bangladesh CSE, New Delhi

Training Coordinators

Saief Manzoor-Al-Islam
Programme Officer-Engineer
WaterAid Bangladesh
Tel: +880-2-8815757 /
Fax: +880-2-9882577


Bhitush Luthra
Deputy Programme Manager- Water Programme
Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi
Tel: +91-11-40616000,29955124, 299956110 ext. 225 
Fax. +91-11-29955879, Mobile: +91 - 9910340470


Dr. Abdullah Al-Muyeed
Technical Adviser 
WASH, Water Aid, Bangladesh
Tel: +880-2-8815757 /
Fax: +880-2-9882577

Shantanu Kumar Padhi
Research Associate
Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi
Tel: +91-11-40616000, 29955124, 299956110 ext. 225
Fax. +91-11-29955879, Mobile: +91 - 9873341148



Programme Director

Dr. Suresh Rohilla
Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi
Tel: +91-11-40616000, 29955124, 299956110 ext. 286
Fax. +91-11-29955879, Mobile: +91 - 9910317904