Training on Integrated Waste Management, AAETI

August 7-11, 2018

A five-day training program on Integrated Waste Management was organised at Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), Nimli, Rajasthan from 07-11 August 2018. The training witnessed 28 diversified participants from municipal corporations, NGOs, GiZ, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Consultants, Academician and PSUs. The programme discussed in detail the regulations, technical processing options and case studies in Solid, Plastic, E-waste, Biomedical and C&D waste. The training maintained a balance of theory and practical sessions with signature sessions, group discussions, class exercises and site visits.

The objective of the training was to enable participants understand the essential legislation and compliance in implementation of solid waste management at the local bodies and allied waste management issues.The course incorporated site visits and practical hands-on exercises to help participants learn and design an integrated waste management model.

The class exercises encompassed Do It Yourself (DIY) of upcycling of waste to increase the lifetime of materials. Famed as trash art, the participants learned to make reusable products out of trash. Know your plastics was a group activity to identify the plastics used in common. The participants were taught to identify the plastics based on origin, usage and recyclability.

The participants could learn the actual implementation status of waste management and behavior change at Ishroda village to through site visit on day 3. During the closure session, the participants presented their ideal plan of integrated waste management at village level based on the class learning and observations on field. The training discussed different technologies available in market for decentralized composting.Demonstration of portable household bio gas unit inspired participants to experiment with bio gas solution.

A visit to common biomedical facility helped participants to recognize the challenges in execution of biomedical waste management rules in tier 2, 3 cities, and villages. The high tea at Tijara fort was a recreation between the formal schedule and resulted in great memories for participants.

The training augmented the awareness level and participants realize the importance of source segregation and committed to reduce the waste, think and consume sustainably.



Participant list
Feedbacks from participants
Training at AAETI was a great learning experience. Speakers knowledge on the subjects was commendable and the takeaways with respect to compliance and legislature are unmatched. Programme Coordinators energy is excellent. A perfectly structed program of theory and practical applications. The inputs are helpful to increase efficiency of solid waste management operations at my university

By: Sarita Nanda,
Asst.Professor, Daulat Ram College-Delhi University
The program structure and the topics covered under the training was excellent. A perfect blend of learning through rules and their implementation status on ground. Learned a lot about solid waste management at village level and could identify the level of seriousness of the problem. Looking forward to applythe learnings in practice at my Urban Local Body.

By: Rohit Malviya, Asst.Engineer, Nagar Palika-Khargone
I think it is high time in the history of our civilization that the process of waste management should be given priority in the country and CSE is doing an amazing job in propagating awareness and working at the policy level identifying the downsidesin the rules and the implementation strategy.

By: Sameer Godbole, Asst. Engineer, CIDCO
AAETI was a great learning experience. CSE is actually putting their efforts in practicing what they are preaching. The concept of sustainable habitat is perfectly implemented at AAETI. Appreciate the engineering and the energy (need a lot for 5-way segregation at campus) that is incorporated for a memorable stay at AAETI. Had a great time at the campus. Would work on my own composting unit at home.

By: Shalini Tamar, Asst.Engineer, MP-UADD
The Training helped in bridging my technical gaps. Would recommend this on-job training as a refresher to structure your rational.

By: Reva Prakash, Jr. Technical Advisor, GiZ
The multiplier effect that would be created by the training is the real success. The training helped me in identifying the plastics that I generally use and would be very cautious to use nonrecyclable plastics

By: Suresh Mathevan, Advisor, Royal Norwegian Embassy