Training Programme on Functional Area - Water Pollution Monitoring, Prevention & control (wp) February 20- 22, 2016

A three day training programme on Functional Area – Water Pollution Monitoring, Prevention & Control was conducted by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi in collaboration with Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 80 participants were trained during the programme, consisting of industrial professionals, consultants and auditors from the different regions of Gujarat.

The panel for the inaugural session of the programme consisted of Mr. Ajay Deshpande, Expert Member, Principal Bench National Green Tribunal, Shri. Punamchand Parmar, Chairman, GPCB and Shri. Hardik Shah, Member Secretary, GPCB. In his introductory speech Mr. Shah welcomed all the participants for the programme and highlighted why this training is needed for the stake holders and stated the importance of capacity building on functional area such as Water, Air, etc. and how to Monitor, Prevent and Control these as per National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) scheme. He thanked CSE for conducting such training programme, which is first of its kind for the industry, consultants and auditors in the state of Gujarat and expressed his interest to continue to work on capacity building of different stake holders in future.

The programme facilitated training and experience sharing on how to Monitor, Prevent & Control Water Pollution. The programme also covered the importance, role and responsibility of different stake holders as per NABET scheme, designing of water monitoring network, overview on Environmental Clearance process, rain water harvesting and de centralized waste water treatment. Apart from this there were class exercises to give hands on experience to the participants on industrial water balance, preparation of EMP for waste water treatment and management and validation of water quality data. The key resource faculties for the programme were Sujit Kumar Singh, Dr. D. D. Basu, Shri. R. P. Sharma, Chhavi Sharda, Shivali Jainer and Gaurav Gupta. 

At the end of the programme the participants were asked to give their feedback on the training programme. Most of the participants said that the knowledge acquired from the training will be useful to them in their work and will help them to monitor and mitigate negative impacts of the water pollution on environment as well as the industry. 


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