Training Programme on Sustainable Urban Water Management from June 30 - July 4, 2014


Top Row (Left-Right) Bhitush Luthra, Mezhuvolie Usou, Brajesh, Aprajita, Aman Nautiyal, HiraMani Aggarwal, Md Habibur Rahman, Tripti Arora, Nehmat Kaur, Chhavi Sharda, Gopika Nandini Tiwari, Anuradha Chaturvedi, Vibha Chaturvedi

Middle row (Left-Right): Pradeep Sahu, Gangesh Nath Pandey, B.G Bhagat, Prerit Saxena, Amol Pawar, Dr. Sajid Ali , Natasha Zarine, Kaushik Ghosh, Dikshant Sharma, Pallavi Bishnoi

Last row (Left- Right): Satarupa Rakshit, Alka Arora, Anjali Chaudhary, Isha, Mahreen Matto, , Shivali Jainer

Not in picture - A V Joshi, Umaid Gupta, Varughese C Thomas

List of participants    

Mr. Prerit Saxena
Project Manager, Precisetek Consulting Engineers
Phone No.: 09887311864

Md. Habibur Rahman
Deputy Programme Engineer
Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)
Phone No.: 88-01712670155

Ms. Isha Sharawat
Research Scholar
Phone no.: 08826606421

Mr. Kaushik Ghosh
Assistant Professor, Urban Management Centre
Administrative Training Institute, Govt. of West Bengal
Phone No.: 9830419290

Mr. Umaid Gupta
Self Employed/ Aspiring Social Entrepreneur
Phone No.: 08588861441

Mr. Amol Pawar
Dy Manager, New Business, Transpek Ind Ltd.
Phone No.: 07359201389

Mr. Varughese C Thomas
Chief Sub Editor, Malayala Manorama
Phone No.: 0468-2222533

Mr. B G Bhagat
Executive Engineer, NTPS Nasik
Phone No.: 9423788232

Dr. Vibha Chaturvedi
Assistant Professor, Krishna Engineering College
Phone No.: 9899669418

Dr. Sajid Ali
Assistant Professor, Krishna Engineering College
Phone No.: 01202657731

Ms. Pallavi Bishnoi
Student, Virginia Tech
Phone no.: +91-8130307921

Ms. Gopika Nandani Tiwari
Student, University of Delhi
Phone No.: 8447021775

Ms. Natasha Zarine
Civic Response Team
Phone no.: 09049492200

Mr. A.V. Joshi
Self Employed
Phone no.: 91-8866021557



Ms. Alka Arora
Assistant Professor, AIT Greater Noida
Phone No.: 09650261624

Prof. Anuradha Chaturvedi
Associate Professor
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
Phone No.: 9871301120

Ms. Aprajita Kaushik
Phone No.: 9923320537

Mr. Brajesh Singh
Research Scholar, HBIT Kanpur
Phone No.: 9453244422

Mr. Pradeep Sahu
AE, Govt.
Phone No.: 0120-2791529

Mr. H.M. Aggarwal
President, Environment Protection Society (Regd)
Phone no.: 09216744491

Ms. Satarupa Rakshit
Intern, Air Pollution Unit, CSE
Phone No.: 9940239631

Mr. Gangesh Nath Pandey
Intern, CSE
Phone No.: 08563020994

Mr. Mezhuvolie Usou
Intern, Air Pollution Unit, CSE
Phone No.: 9910988734

Mr. Dikshant Sharma
Intern, Water Management Unit, CSE
Phone No.: 9810754068

Mr. Aman Nautiyal
Intern, Water Management Unit, CSE
Phone No.: 7042663191

Ms. Romika Bidhuri
Intern, CSE
Phone No.: 9899061640

Mr. Gaurav Kumar Singh
Intern, CSE
Phone No.: 7827181233

Ms. Anjali
Intern, CSE
Phone No.: 8800984335

Ms. Tripti Arora
Intern, CSE
Phone No.: 9873079587

Ms. Nehmat Kaur
Intern, CSE
Phone No.: 9671041865


Design and system has been made in a way so that it is easily understandable and user friendly. Hope we will be able to apply this in our programme which will contribute for effective use of water.

Md. Habibur Rahman, Deputy Programme Engineer,
Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor (WSUP),


The design (Do it yourself) exercises were the most helpful part. I am much better equipped technically than I was before this course and I am more confident about my designs as a consultant now.

Pallavi Bishnoi, Engineering Student
Virginia Tech, USA


The topics – RWH & DWWTS. It is great that these are the focus area of the course. It is extremely relevant to our lives & our times. So, it’s great that CSE is bringing more exposure to this area of interest. It has definitely strengthened my understanding of RWH and DWWTS.

 Natasha Zarine, Founder
Civic Response Team, Maharashtra


For me, DWWT was the best part. I enjoyed and as a beginner, it strengthened my knowledge a lot. I got enough information regarding RWH and DWWT. I will try to discuss about this in my department.  

Gopika Tiwari, Student
Delhi University


The course has brought me very much closer to the water and helped me understanding the importance of water and waste water management as a planning component. I am so glad to attend the course.

 Aman Nautiyal, Student (Env. Planning)
School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal


The RWH course taught by the faculties was enriching one. The sessions turned out to be much more fun and assignment were very enriching and exciting in doing.

 Satarupa Rakshit, Student MSc
Dhanbad, Jharkhand


Field trip was the best part of the course. This course changed my view and it will definitely going to help me with my Green Business. I could use these issues with people by consulting them.

Prerit Saxena, Project Manager,
Precisetek Consulting Engineers, Jaipur