Two week training programme on "Waste Management: Policies, Issues, Challenges and Way Forward, December 7-18, 2015"

The two week programme on “Waste Management: Policies, Issues, Challenges and Way Forward”, was held in New Delhi from December 7-18, 2015 under the tripartite agreement between CSE, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).


The programme was attended by 21 participants from SPCBs (Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh) and municipalities (New Delhi Municipal Corportation, Kolhapur Municipal Corportation, Coimbatore Municipal Corportation, Tamil Nadu Municipal Corportation, Thiruvananthpuram Municipal Corportation, Balaghat Municipal Corporation). 

The programme mainly focused on environmental best practices related to waste management- solid waste, biomedical waste, ewaste, hazardous waste along with relevant class exercises, discussions and site visits. The sessions were taken by both internal as well as guest speakers from CPCB, NIUA, Adelphi, GiZ and Toxic Links. Also, there was expert faculty from Norwegian Environment Agency, Ms. Anne Marie Mo Ravik, Ms. Silje Johannessen and Mr. Per Antonsen, who shared success stories from Norway concerning compliance, enforcement and management of waste. 

The major output of the programme was an action plan on waste management which was prepared by the participants. Also, a follow up plan has been formulated by the team to track the major outcome of this training programme.

Feedback by participants

  • “I recommend this course to every SPCB and municipalities across the country. In two weeks, the programme was successful in covering every aspect of waste management- right from lectures, site visits to fruitful discussions.”

  • “ My major objective of learning the tools and techniques behind solid waste management has been met from this programme. The sessions on best practices, finance of solid waste management and preparation of an action plan helped me a lot in gaining knowledge.”

  • “After attending this fruitful course on waste management, I plan to implement ewaste management and biomedical waste management in my corporation. I also plan to improve the mechanism of segregation of solid waste in my municipality.”

  • “Decentralized waste management should be a movement that should continue in our country now for effective management of solid waste. I plan to open community composting units in Balaghat after seeing what wonderful work Kerala is doing”.

  • “The programme was very smartly designed. It covered every topic concerning waste management in the short span of time. I wish to invite the team to my state to conduct similar programmes for staff”.

  •  “Really a good training where lot of ideas were discussed and shared that made the course very interesting. Some site visits outside of Delhi could be also arranged next time.”