Developing Technical Specifications of Sensor-Based PM10 & PM2.5 Equipment

A 1-day stakeholder meeting on “DEVELOPING TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR SENSOR-BASED PM10 & PM2.5  EQUIPMENT” was held at CSE’s main office on 03rd December 2018. The objective of the meeting was to develop a comprehensive document that includes specifications (both physical and performance specs.) for the sensor-based SMART instruments. A total of 26 stakeholders from the government, academic institutes, NGOs, instrument manufacturing and supplying companies participated in this day-long event.

The meeting was successful in achieving its objective and providing significant insight into the current trends of measuring particulate matter (PM) using sensor-based instruments and the challenges with the same. A draft note prepared by the compliance enforcement team was circulated among the participants, which further fostered a detailed discussion. The group was able to come to a consensus on the physical specifications, however, due to lack of time, the group could not discuss the performance specification. So, Mr Chandra Bhushan (Deputy Director General, Centre for Science and Environment) requested the team to circulate the draft note to all the stakeholder in order to get detailed inputs and suggestions.

The representatives from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) also participated in the meeting and encouraged the forum by explicitly mentioning their support towards this initiative.

As a next step, all stakeholders will be sending in their inputs before the next follow-up meeting, which the team will then compile into a final draft note and after getting a consensus, this note will be finalized and submitted for the consideration of the concerned technical committee of the BIS.