Training Programme on Cleaner Brick Production

Date: 11-15th December

Venue: Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), Neemli (near Alwar), Tijara, Rajasthan-301405

Centre for Science and Environment has conducted a five (05) day certificate course at AAETI on “Cleaner Brick Production” to provide better understanding of the technical knowhow of the new technology and the different walling material options which can be considered as replacement.

A total of 20 practitioners (Environmental regulators, Consultants, Entrepreneurs) across diverse regions of India participated in this program with a desire to have comprehensive knowledge about the brick kilns.

The first day started with a brief about CSE and a tour of AAETI showcasing its green features. This was followed by a session to give an overview of brick kiln industry and environmental issues and challenges associatd with it. 

Further, Mr. J S Kamyotra, former Member Secretary, CPCB, educated the participants regarding policies and regulations governing the industry which get extended into a class exercise cum presentation on regulations available for brick kilns in their state. The day ended with a session on Environmental Clearance for brick clay mining by Mr. Padmanava Lahri, Consultant, Team Energy System. He discussed the process prescribed by MoEFCC and problem encountered by brick entrepreneurs. 

Second day of the training began with the lecture of Mr. Sonal Kumar, Senior Consultant, Greentech Knowledge solutions on different technologies for brick manufacturing followed by detailed understanding of zigzag technolgy. An example of Bihar and Delhi was quoted to  help participants understand the role of SPCBs in zigzag conversion.  Later, a case study of Maharashtara regarding operation of clamps was discussed followed by issues and challenges in stack monitoring to end the day.

Third Day of the program was completely dedicated for site visit of brick kilns. The participants were taken to M/s Avon Bricks and M/s Om Bricks for practical understanding of zigzag kiln and FCBTK kiln respectively. 

Fourth day started with a session of Mr. Pankaj Mittal, Vice president, AFAPM on cleaner walling material followed by an overview of flyash brick manufacturing process. Further, a lecture on Guidelines for cleaner flyash brick production was conducted by Juhi Purwar, CSE before heading towards the site visit at GM Concrete bricks and ASH Tech bricks, Behror.

The participants were asked to prepare consent template for brick kiln on the last day. They were divided into three groups and were given three hours to complete the exercise. Mr. Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director, CSE participated during the presentations and provided his feedback. The day ended with a feedback & valedictory session. 

List of Partcipants
Name Designation Organisation
Tapan Kumar Biswas Environmental Engineer WBPCB
Anindya Dasgupta Environmental Engineer WBPCB
Chayan Gayen Asst. Environmental Engineer WBPCB
Pratap Jagtap Field Officer MPCB
Nilesh Jijabrao Patil Field Officer MPCB
Rahul Nimbalkar Field Officer MPCB
B. Karunashri Asst. Environmental Engineer APPCB
Kishan Singh Junior Engineer UPPCB
Ashutosh Chauhan Assistant Environmental Engineer UPPCB
Dr. Sohan Giri Regional Officer OSPCB
Ramesh Kumar   Red brick Kiln Enterpreneur
Padmanaua Lahiri Partner Team Energy System
Avinash Pareek Secretary AFAPM
Pankaj Mittak Vice President AFAPM
Narendra Panpalia   Flyash Brick Enterpreneur
Subhash Singh Bhati President AFAPM
Nitin Patil Partner AFAPM
Ajay Kumar Sharma Executive AFAPM
Manoj Kumar   Red brick Kiln Enterpreneur
Dr. Neeraj Jain Senior Scientist CSIR-CBRI


Training Programme on
Venue: Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institutes, Alwar Rajasthan
11th - 15th December 2017

Day - 1

By: Nivit Kumar Yadav & Rahul Kumar

Overview of Brick Kiln Sector in the country

By: Nivit Kumar Yadav

About Centre for Science and Environment

By: Digvijay Singh Bisht


By: P. Lahri

Points of discussion for The Environmental Clearance of Brick Clay Mining

By: J. S. Kamyotra

Brick Kilns in India

By: By: Nivit Kumar Yadav

Recent Regulations and Developments

By: Jatinder Singh Kamyotra

Directions issued for brick kilns in Delhi-NCR

Day - 2

By: Satyendra Rana & Sonal Kumar

Brick manufacturing : An overview of technologies

By: Ishita Garg

Case Study: Clamp down the Clamp Kilns

By: Sonal Kumar

Proactive role of spcbs: Bihar example

By: Sonal Kumar

Stack monitoring: Challenges & difficulties

By: Sonal Kumar & Rahul Kumar

Understanding Zig Zag Kilns

Day - 3
Field Visit for Brick kilns at M/s Avon Bricks and M/s Om Bricks

Day - 4

By: Juhi Purwar

Cleaner Fly Ash Brick Production

By: Pankaj Mittal

Manufacturing process and business challenges : Green flyash products

Pankaj Mittal
Cleaner building materials: Green fly ash products

Excellent training programme. I learned new brick manufcaturing technologies which are not used commercially in Maharashtra. All topics, study material, speaker and field visits were too good. The other departments such as revenue, forest & agriculture deptt needs to be focussed & invited for the training programme.

Rahul Nimbalkar, MPCB

CSE is a very good institute for learning environmental issues as well as new rules and norms. It is a very organised training centre.

Chayan Gayen, WBPCB

Equitable division of time towards presentation as well as discussion should be managed. Apart from that, ambience of AAETI is excellent and sustainable particularly in energy conservation, waste management and water conservation.

Avinash Pareek, AFAPM

The new techniques in the brick kiln can be included in our consent order as well as modification can be underatken in the fixed chimney brick kiln.

Dr. Sohan Giri, OSPCB