Urban and Industrial Wastewater Training Programme

The fast growing economy, rapid industrialisation and growing urban population in India along with increasing wastewater generation are reasons for concern and reiterate the need for appropriate water management practices.

Centre for Science and Environment recognises this need and has developed a five-day hands on training programme aimed at giving practical exposure to participants on wastewater treatment for industrial and urban wastewater management including reuse and recycle.

The objective of this programme is to build capacity and create awareness among regulators, developers, consultants, NGOs, students and academics to understand wastewater treatment process, technologies and affordable treatment options. The programme further aims at evaluating the performance and design parameters along with the applicable cost implication associated with each treatment system.


  • Issues and challenges of urban and industrial wastewater treatment, conservation/ efficiency including reuse and recycle.
  • Wastewater treatment technologies including advanced treatment options
  • Decentralized approaches in treating urban wastewater (existing and emerging)
  • Planning, designing, monitoring and inspection of wastewater treatment systems
  • Proficiency on water and wastewater accounting
  • Sector specific exposure on wastewater treatment and management such as construction and industrial projects (distillery, tannery, textile, refinery, power plant etc).
  • Concept of zero discharge with case studies
  • Issues and challenges with Common Effluent Treatment Plants and way ahead
  • State of art practices for wastewater management
  • Law, policy options and standards for wastewater treatment
  • Hands on experience in wastewater sampling and analysis
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