Various activities undertaken by TSU Chunar under IEC campaign Phase-II

IEC and its need in the programme-

With unwavering commitment to support Urban Local Body, Chunar as technical and knowledge partner, Centre for Science and Environment(CSE) had entered into a partnership with Chunar Nagar Palika Parishad (CNPP) to implement effective Faecal Sludge & Septage Management (FSSM) for improved city-wide sanitation. In addition to this partnership, CSE got the mandate to support 1st NMCG funded FSTP project in Uttar Pradesh as its technical partner. The FSTP at present is in operational state and is currently safely treating faecal sludge of the city.

In order to spread the awareness on FSSM and safe sanitation practices among urban community in Chunar, IEC campaign Phase Ihad been planned by CSE with support from the ULB. Various IEC activities have been conducted to promote regular & safe disposal of FS&awareness generation amongsturban community of Chunar.As per the plan for the IEC campaign Phase II, the following activities have been organized by TSU Chunar.

  • Dissemination of MalAsur messages in LIG communities and in the neighbouring villages.
  • Dissemination of audio message from honorable Chairman, NPP, Chunar to follow safe disposal of FS through registered operators and ensure disposal at FSTP,Chunar onlythrough solid waste collecting vehicles.
  • Exposure visit of the City Sanitation Task Force (CSTF) members to the FSTP site.
  • Oath taking and Signature campaign to encourage stake holders for involvement and participation in the FSSM in the city.

Objective of the IEC campaign

  • Transformation in the misgivings among CSTF members regarding FSSM and FSTP.
  • Encouraging participation and involvement of stakeholders to promote FSSM in the city.
  • Reaching out to the community and masses with IEC messages on FSSM in the city.
  • Ensuring uptake of suggestions and inputs for effective and sustainable management of FSTP.

The recorded audio messages by honorable chairman for promoting awareness on safe disposal of faecal sludge & septage in the city along as well as protecting water bodies from contamination by faecal matter have been disseminated by the solid waste collecting vehicles throughout the city every day.

The event “exposure visit cum signature campaign” was organized for the CSTF members to capacitate them and provide knowledge on the key functioning of every module of the FSTP as well as the importance of the entire FSSM value chain.The CSTF members were very keen on understanding the processes and also felt proud to have a FSTP constructed in Chunar. Many valuable inputs and suggestionswere given by the CSTF members especially on the species of plants to be planted at the FSTP and making the FSTP more beautiful and green.

The signature campaign was followed by oath taking ceremony by allCSTF members to make Chunar clean, healthy, ideal and beautiful through MalAsur campaign individual contribution by every stake holder in the city.