MalAsur campaign in ULBs of Uttar Pradesh

CSE, Technical Support Unit (TSU) with the support of Programme Support Unit (PSU) launched the MalAsur1/ campaign in Chunar and Bijnor. 

In an effort towards the advocacy for sustainable citywide Faecal Sludge Management and technical support to their focus towns in Uttar Pradesh i.e. Bijnor and Chunar, CSE proposed an IEC campaign ‘MalAsur1/’ in the 7th City Sanitation Task Force (CSTF) meetings of both the towns.  CSE raised the issue of improper emptying and transport of faecal sludge in the ULBs and the need to spread awareness around the issue with a corresponding change in knowledge, attitude and behavior among populations to adopt correct FSM practices. These campaigns are therefore important to shift attitudes among populations to adopt correct FSM practices.

MalAsur1/ aims to raise awareness amongst the locals regarding three key messages

1. Containment: Build the right containment structure for your toilet 
2. Emptying: Desludge once in 3 years through a licensed operator 
3. Disposal: Check with the desludger where the faecal sludge will be disposed and report indiscriminate dumping   

Chunar Nagar Palika Parishad and Bijnor Nagar Palika Parishad after the CSTF meetings kick started a 03 month long MalAsur1/ campaign in the respective ULBs. The campaign in its 1 st month plan to focus on the following action plan: