Various activities conducted under IEC campaign in Unnao for awareness generation on Faecal Sludge & Septage Management

As a part of advocacy and technical support in front runner cities of Uttar Pradesh for model FSSM interventions, PSU team closely and actively worked with Nagar Palika Parishad, Unnao for the dissemination of safe management of faecal sludge and septage under IEC campaign focused on MalAsur during the months of July to September, 2021. Following activities were initiated and successfully completed/conducted with full support of the ULB:

  • Painting of ULB owned and private vacuum tankers with MalAsur messages.
  • Wall paintings of MalAsur messages at various key locations within Unnao
    including Community toilets, flyover wall, Nagar Palika Office.
  • 'No Parking' signages with MalAsur messages strategically placed/hanged
    based on a survey conducted at various residential as well as commercial
    locations in the city.
  • Signages on the divider of main roads in the city with MalAsur messages.
  • Sensitization of different communities of Low-income settlement through on-
    site community engagements.
  • NukkadNatak on MalAsur in presence of DM, ADM Police commissioner, High court judges, EOs 

Impact of the IEC campaign: 

Outcomes of IEC campaign so far-

  • ULB has now officially issued a landline number for addressing septic tank
    emptying requests in the city.
  • ULB is in the process of registering and licensing private desludgers operating
    in the city.
  • ULB has requested CSE to help them prepare FSSM byelaws for Unnao.
  • To disseminate recorded audio messages by EO and Chairman to promote
    FSSM in the masses, EO has ordered to procure audio devices to be installed
    on MSW collection vehicles.
  • To promote the IEC campaign in Unnao city, EO has agreed to commit funds
    for wall paintings and painting of new registered private vacuum tanker
    operators with MalAsur messages.