Water and Climate Change

17 major rivers, hundreds of lakes and vast wetlands — notwithstanding these substantial water resources, Africa is one of the world’s most water-stressed continents. Climate change is seen as one of the key reasons: erratic rainfall, and increased incidence and intensity of floods, droughts and extreme heat is expected to further jeopardise the lives and livelihoods of almost 118 million extremely poor people in the continent – at a time when the COVID pandemic continues to devastate most nations and their populations.

To mark the launch of its latest issue and cover story on the subject, investigated and written by a team of extremely talented journalists working in Africa, Down To Earth magazine (www.downtoearth.org.in), Centre for Science and Environment (www. cseindia.org), and Kenya-based Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA) are announcing the first Africa Network Media Cafe – an online briefing for media people working in Africa.

The Media Cafe will focus on Water and Climate Change in Africa from a reporter’s perspective. It will demystify the ground situation through expert analyses; and will explore existing coverage of the issue, as well as identify future story possibilities.


  • The Media Cafe is open only to practising journalists working in and based in Africa.
  • This is a free online event, but it has a limited number of seats. Interested journalists are advised to register immediately. Final selection of participants will be done by the organisers.
  • All selected participants will be reimbursed a standard compensation in US dollars for purchase of internet bundles/airtime to be used to attend this Media Cafe.
  • The Cafe will offer an opportunity to all the selected participants for publishing in Down To Earth and Sayansi magazines.
  • All selected participants who attend the Cafe will receive an e-certificate of participation.


Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a highly respected think-tank based in New Delhi, India, which works on some of the key issues and concerns of environment and development in the Global South. Down To Earth is a fortnightly English magazine that the Centre has been helping to publish since the 1990s. A number of writers, subject experts and journalists from Africa regularly contribute articles and opinions in this magazine.

CSE and Down To Earth share a long-standing and successful association with MESHA, working together to build capacity and understanding of journalists in Africa on issues of environment and development. The partnership has resulted in a number of pan-Africa briefings, training programmes, etc over the past several years. The Africa Network Media Cafe is a new initiative under this partnership – designed as a series of media briefings on some of the most critical and current survival questions that are dogging the Global South. Beginning with this first one, the organisers plan to conduct one Media Cafe every two months.






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A new trap: climate and water scarcity
By: Richard Mahapatra
Food for thought
By: Dr. Mouhamadou Bamba SYLLA
By: Lynet Otieno
Cafe Coordinators
Souparno Banerjee
Senior Director
Outreach, Publications and Environment Education
CSE, India, souparno@cseindia.org
Aghan Daniel
Kenya, meshascience@gmail.com
Cafe Speakers
Mouhamadou Bamba Sylla
AIMS-Canada Research Chair in Climate Change Science; IPCC AR 6 lead author; and Member
African Monsoon Panel
Kigali, Rwanda
Richard Mahapatra
Managing Editor
Down To Earth, New Delhi, India
Lynet Otieno Editor
The Standard Group, Nairobi, Kenya