Webinar: The Case for Coal

In June this year, the Indian government opened up the country's coal mining sector to private players. India needs to use its coal for its energy needs, reasoned our prime minister, while allowing the auctioning of 41 coal blocks for commercial mining.

What will this mean for our forests, where almost all our coal is found, and the indigenousÐand poorÐpeople who live in them? More importantly, do we really need to dig for more coal?

An extensive Down To Earth investigation has unearthed some stark truths. Join the Down To Earth investigating team at a discussion on the subject, and on what they have dug up.

PLEASE NOTE: We have limited seats in the webinar. Attendees will be allowed to join on a first come-first served basis. Please register immediately, and try to join the webinar five minutes before its scheduled start.

FOR MORE DETAILS: Sukanya Nair, The CSE Media Resource Centre, sukanya.nair@cseindia.org, 88168 18864




Press Release
August 18, 2020
Do we really need to mine more coal and cut more forests?
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By: Sunita Narain
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By: Soundaram Ramanthan
Anchor and Lead Speaker
director general, CSE,
New Delhi
Down To Earth
Down To Earth
Sustainable Industrialisation team, CSE