What ails India’s Urban Water Bodies

Urban water bodies in India hold immense significance as vital components of the ecological and social framework in cities. Lifelines for countless communities, these water bodies not only sustain biodiversity but also provide essential resources for domestic, industrial and agricultural needs. However, their status has been a cause for concern due to rampant pollution, encroachment and mismanagement. Many urban water bodies face degradation, leading to severe consequences on both environmental health and public well-being.

The condition of these water bodies not only exacerbates water scarcity, but also heightens the risk of flooding and ecological imbalance. Restoring these water bodies to a healthy state is critical for maintaining the ecological balance and ensuring access to clean water in urban landscapes in India.

CSE’s Green Educators’ Network (GEN) invites its members to its next online lecture under the series “Environmentally Speaking”, with Susmita Sengupta from the Centre’s water programme. Susmita brings to the table her years of experience of working, researching and writing on India’s urban and rural water bodies and their issues and concerns; she will talk about the state of our urban water bodies and what can be done to reverse the decimation that they are undergoing.

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What ails India’s waterbodies
By: Susmita Sengupta . Water Programme
Senior Programme Manager
Water Programme, CSE
Environment Education Unit, CSE
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