The Food Safety and Toxins (FST) programme team at CSE leads the AMR campaign and has been focusing on the animal and environmental aspects of AMR since 2009. Centered on the laboratory studies, the programme team complements with field studies and works towards necessary change in policy, practice and systems across relevant sectors such as food, feed, drug and environment. It has been part of the NAP-AMR development process and was successful in bringing necessary focus on the animal and environment aspects. CSE is now a stakeholder in NAP-AMR implementation and is working with the state of Kerala to support its action plan. At the global level, CSE has been pushing for guidance relevant to the global South from the concerned UN agencies such as the WHO and FAO by itself and through the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition, a global civil society coalition. In early 2018, CSE engaged with several Asian and African countries to support implementation of NAP-AMR and is now planned for a deep-dive engagement with Zambia.