Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) entered into a partnership with Bijnor Nagar Palika Parishad (BNPP) to support in implementation of action plan/strategies with a focus on effective Faecal Sludge & Septage Management, as listed in the City’s Sanitation Plan (CSP) endorsed by the City Sanitation Task Force (CSTF)’ in February 2019.

CSE supports municipal functionaries to plan and implement reforms for achieving effective FSSM and city-wide sanitation by facilitating the convergence of various national and state policies, plans, programmes and project implementation showcasing improvements across the urban sanitation value chain – containment, emptying, disposal, treatment and reuse/recycle, together with river pollution abatement.

CSE has also set-up a Technical Support Unit (TSU) in Bijnor to support facilitate and handhold city-level agencies in planning, creating enabling frameworks, as well as designing and executing Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM) practices across the city of Bijnor. CSE is also the technical support partner of the upcoming co-treatment unit at the STP and also pushing for co-composting of faecal sludge with organic solid waste.

CSE is further building capacities of city officials, decision makers and other stakeholders involved in the implementation of city sanitation plan and providing services across the sanitation chain. This includes conducting field exposure visits for officials to explore good management practices, training programmes.




Programme Support Unit (PSU) Team

Harsh Yadava
Senior Research Associate

City Sanitation Task Force Bijnor Nagar Palika Parishad  

Mr Vikas Kumar
Executive Officer (Administrative),
Mrs Ruksana Parveen
Chairperson (People`s Representative), BNPP
Mr Shamshad Ahmed Ansari
Political and Social Worker , BNPP
Mr Moolchand Singh Patel
Junior Engineer Jal Kal (Technical) , BNPP
Mr Yashwant Kumar
Junior Engineer Civil (Technical) ,BNPP
Mr Govind Singh Chaudhary
Sanitation And Food Inspector (Management) , BNPP
Mr Harish Gangwar
District Project Manager, SBM,
Mrs Sandhya Rastogi
Trustee (Local Organizations)
Anand Charitable Trust,Bijnor
Mr Waseem Akhtar
Reporter (Media)
Zee News, Bijnor
Mr Mushabbar Husain
Dainik Publik, District Coordinator (Print Media)
Praja Tantra, TV Channel (Digital Media)
Mr Saeed Ur Rehman
Public Work Clerk and Social worker
Dr Govind Ram Gupta
Ex- Principal
Vardhman PG College Bijnor (Accademic)
+91 9411044166
Mr Saurabh Singhal
Political and Social worker,
+91 9720000030
Mr Hukum Singh
Ex- Principal
Ex Assistant Director BSNL and Social worker
+91 9412714953