Workshop ‘Planning, Guiding and Monitoring Citywide sanitation services systems – tools and experience’ at FSM-5, 22nd Feb 2019 (Cape Town, SA)

CSE in collaboration with GIZ, BORDA and BMGF organized a workshop at the FSM-5 Conference. The aim of the workshop was introduction and providing hands-on training to the participants on three tools i.e. SFD, CSP tools and Equity dashboard for Planning and Monitoring Citywide sanitation services.

Bhitush Luthra from CSE along with Mintje from GIZ provided the hands-on training for SFD tool to the participants. The tool can be used as an advocacy tool to assess the existing situation with regards to excreta management in a city.

Jacob Kihila (CSE training Alumni) from Research Fellow from Institute of Human Settlements Studies (IHSS) Tanzania presented how he used SFDs in various neighbourhoods of a city in Tanzania in planning for a improved sanitation in the area.

Jutta Camargo from BORDA took a session on the City Sanitation Planning website which is a web based tool which uses GIS based maps which uses demographic, physical and economic characteristics to determine the most suitable interventions for various areas around the city.

Alyse Schrecongost from Gate Foundation presented the Equity Dashboard tool which uses information from the SFDs and provides an assessment of the Excreta Management in terms equity in terms of coverage and sustainability with respect to cost recovery. The tool can be used for investment planning of a city.

List of Participants (.pdf)