Workshops for Mainstreaming Rainwater Harvesting in Rwanda, 29 June - 1 July 2015 at Kigali, Rwanda

CSE Water team on invitation of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority and Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure conducted a training, supported strategy workshop followed with roundtable meetings to develop a long term partnership.

The details of meeting are as follows:   

Training on Urban Rainwater Harvesting:  29th June 2015
A rainwater harvesting strategy developed in 2012 by Rwanda government set ambitious targets to implement RWH in public buildings and private houses and to increase ten times the rainwater stored for irrigation and cover 80% of all arable and non-arable land in Rwanda by appropriate soil moisture conservation techniques. However, the national agencies involved in this were facing problems in implementing the policy by involving all stakeholders. In achieving the targets the country also requires to develop cadre of professionals who can plan, design and implement the rainwater harvesting.

Centre for Science and Environment was invited by Rwanda Natural Resource Authority (RNRA) - to conduct a one day training programme ‘Urban Rainwater Harvesting’ on 29th June 2015 at Kigali, Rwanda. The aim of training was to capacitate state and non-state actors towards mainstreaming urban rainwater harvesting and updation of the Rwanda National Strategy on Rainwater Harvesting. 

During the inaugural Mr. Kabalisa VDP, Head - Integrated Water Resource Department, Rwanda Natural Resources Authority and Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Programme Director, CSE addressed the participants.

Inaguration session of the training on Urban Rainwater Harvesting at Kigali, Rwanda 

Total 33 participants attended the training programme. Participants included mid level officials from RNRA, Ministry of Agriculture, Rwanda Environmental Management Authority, Rwanda Housing Authority, international donor agencies, advisors and representatives of key Non-Governmental Organizations working in water sector.  

The training provided skills to help participants plan and design rainwater harvesting for groundwater recharge and storage in area at various scales as well as innovative practices for storm water/flood management in urban areas. 

Workshop on National Strategy on Rainwater Harvesting: 30 June – 1 July 2015  

Group Photo-  Workshop on Urban Rainwater Harvesting on 30 June, 2015,  Kigali, Rwanda 

Inaguration session of the workshop on Updating National Rainwater Harvesting Strategy on 30 June, 2015,  Kigali, Rwanda  

The training was followed with a one strategy planning workshop with key stakeholders in Rwanda. The workshop aimed at updating the National Rainwater Harvesting Strategy followed with a core group half day roundtable meeting to discuss CSE-RNRA collaboration in this regard.

Dr Suresh Rohilla, CSE presented the key note address and Dr Uday Bhonde, CSE shared the India and South Asian experience on mainstreaming rainwater harvesting policies, plan, programmes and projects in both rural and urban areas.  Kabalisa, VDP –Head - Integrated water resource management, RNRA provided overview of the strategy and the ongoing activities. He further emphasized the need for cross learning from India and other countries South Asia countries experience. 

The workshop was attended by 70 participants who actively contributed in the process of visioning and objective setting to make the Rwanda national strategy for RWH more practical and implementable. RNRA and CSE experts facilitated the dialogue and also supported during SWOT analysis conducted by various stakeholders. 

Roundtable meeting with Rwanda Natural Resources Authority – 1st July 2015

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla Programme Director CSE with DG RNRA, Dy DG and Dr Uday Bhonde, CSE

CSE team was invited by Dr. Emmanuel Nkurunziza, Director General (and the Registrar of Land Titles) - Rwanda Natural Resources Authority. The roundtable meeting discussed areas of long term collaboration between CSE – RNRA to develop a robust National Strategy on Rainwater Harvesting and capacity building activities. During the meeting RNRA shared details of green economy fund and invited CSE in identifying areas of jointly working on – climate change, green Industry and renewable as well as pollution / water quality monitoring. 

During the meeting broad contours of long term partnership between CSE – RNRA were firmed up and it was agreed that a MOU will be signed within two weeks.


For further details contact: 

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Programme Director, CSE