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On 6th September, 2017, a decentralised pilot for 200 households was inaugurated by CSE, ZEMA and Zanzibar Urban Municipal Council (ZUMC) in Shaurimoyo, Stone Town, Zanzibar. Under the pilot, 200 households in Shaurimoyo are segregating their waste into wet, dry and household hazardous waste - treat wet waste at source and the dry recyclables shall be channelised for recycling. The society members in Shaurimoyo were trained by the CSE team (in July, 2017 and during this visit) on how to do household level propagation, how to push households for segregation and the method for composting. Just three months after the decentralised pilot project on waste management in Shaurimoyo, Zanzibar, the first batch of compost was produced. More than 80% source segregation is happening at the site. Daily updates are being taken from Zanzibar and the waste team is keeping a record of how much collection and segregation is being done. 

A two day meeting was attended by Task Force members from Ghana, Tanzania, Swaziland, Namibia, Ethiopia and Zanzibar. All together, 25 participants attended the programme in September to finalize the Policy Framework for Integrated Waste Management.