Zero discharge toilets at residence in Krishna Dham, Aligarh

Location: Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
Scale: Individual /Residential
Implementor: Prof Vinod Tare
Designed Capacity: 1.5KLD
Operational since : 2011
Capital cost :  Rs 40,000-50,000 additional to the conventional toilet systems in the house
O&M:  Rs 5000 per month which includes the supervision activity and slurry transportation
The toilets installed are the conventional structures but the collection and processing of the waste generated is different from the conventional systems. A separator is fitted below the toilet seat where it separates the solids (faecal matter) and the liquid (urine and water used for flushing). This separator allows formation of a thin water film that sticks to the surface of the separator and flow in outward direction whereas the solids in the form of slurry is collected separately. Three tanks of different capacities are installed to collect grey water, urine and flushed water and solids/slurry.

The wastewater from the two tanks containing grey water and urine/flushed water is treated through planted filter bed and reused for gardening and flushing. The slurry is removed from the tank and transferred to a composting plant located nearby.
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