Analysis of pesticide residues in human blood (Punjab)

July 03, 2010

Across the globe pesticides have been found in human blood, urine, breast milk, semen, adipose tissue, amniotic fluid, infant meconium and umbilical cord blood. Cumulative exposure to pesticides may come from food, water, air, dust, soil etc. Pesticides can be absorbed through skin contact, inhalation or accidental ingestion.

Farm workers come into direct contact with pesticides at work as well and are occupationally exposed to them. When a person is exposed to pesticides, body’s detoxification mechanisms are activated. Some pesticides are metabolized into different chemicals and excreted and some are stored in fatty tissues in the body. Body burden data from analysis of blood provides evidence of exposure to chemicals stored in our body. There are several studies - international and national on pesticide residues found in blood samples.

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