Application of Nualgi technology in Madivala Lake, Bangalore

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Scale: Water body/ lake
Implementing organisation: Nualgi Nano Biotech, Bangalore
Designed Capacity: 10KLD
Area: 284 acres
Operational since :
Capital cost : 42000 - 50000 per year.
O&M:  Rs 42000 - 50000 per year (includes cost of Nualgi powder only)
Madivala Lake, one of the largest lakes in Bangalore has approximately 1200 million liters of water. It is also the recipient of domestic sewage which has significantly reduced the oxygen content into the lake thereby affecting the aquatic life survival in the water. In 2006, Madivala Lake encountered these situations which lead to mass fish death, indicated poor state of the lake and led to huge economic loss to the local fisherman.
Local fishermen add Nualgi powder in the lake to solve the problem of fish death in the sewage laden lakes. Five to six kgs of this powder is used once in fifteen to twenty days or whenever they experience less fish harvest. Nualgi powder provides nutrient which are essential for the growth of the diatoms in the in the lake. These diatoms degrade the organic components of the sewage and produce oxygen thereby increase the DO content of the water body. Increased DO leads to flourishing of aquatic food chain and improved fish production.
After the application of Nualgi powder within 6-8 hours DO increases to 2- 2.5 mg /l. In 4 days DO increases to 5-10 mg/l. (Source: Nualgi nanobiotech, Bangalore)
T. Sampath
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