Application of Nualgi technology in Vengayyana Kere, Bangalore

Location: Bangalore
Scale: Water body/ lake 
Implementing organisation: Nualgi Nano Biotech, Bangalore
Operational since : 2006
Capital cost :    42000 - 50000 per year.
O&M:  40000 - 50000 per year (includes cost of Nualgi powder only)
The lake is situated in the north east of KR Puram Village in Bangalore. It is also known as KR Puram Lake. In 2005-06, the lake was in dilapidated condition due to the disposal of untreated sewage into the lake. This lead to mass fish death.
Nualgi powder was applied in the lake to boost the fish production. This powder is used once in 15-20 days or whenever they experience less fish yield. Process of application is same as mentioned already. 5-6 packets are added in 15-20 days. Since then, they are using this powder to increase the DO level in the water body.
In 6-8 hours, DO increases to 2- 2.5 mg /l and in 4 days DO shoots up to 5-10 mg/l. (Source: Nualgi nanobiotech, Bangalore)
T. Sampath
Nualgi Nanobiotech ,
 #651, 11th main, 5th Block ,
Jayanagar, Bangalore 560041