Assessment of potential sites for Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant at Prayagraj

On 11th Jan 2020, CSE team visited five potential sites for establishing Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant for the treatment of faecal sludge generated from household dependent upon onsite sanitation systems in western Prayagraj including peri-urban areas. The team has identified 5 suitable sites in consultation with concerned authorities as mentioned below:

Site 1: Bhagwatpur

Site 2: Rawatpur

Site 3: Kotwa

Site 4: STP Kalindipuram

Site 5: Near Lake 

The identified sites shall be evaluated as per a set of holistic criteria and prioritized for suitability. After the recommendations from the concerned authorities, the proposed site shall be earmarked for the project. The detailed assessment of 5 sites are attached for the reference.