CSE-TSU Chunar, IEC Poster Distrubution. (Uttar Pradesh)

IEC Program Conducted at Chunar Nagar Palika Parishad

13/09/2019 & 24/10/2019

Launching of Awareness Poster

Centre for Science and Environment has set up a Technical Support Unit at Chunar Nagar PalikaParishad, Mirzapur District. The purpose of this setup is to provide support in all respective manner for establishing Faecal Sludge and septage Management in the city. Pertaining to this commitment, the centre has developed the IEC material and distributed with Chunar municipality. The IEC materialreceived by Executive Officer Pratibha Singh.The material is displayed at municipality office and surrounding.

The content of the posters are as follows.

Content of Posters

  1. Get septic Tanks emptied by registered vacuum tanker
  2. Septic tanks should be constructed by trained masons so that the standards are retained.
  3. To prevent drinking water from pollution septic tanks should be at least 10m away from source of drinking water.
  4. The Faecal Sludge and septage from Septic tanks are the pollutants but they can be converted into manure by treatment.
  5. Wear PPE during emptying of septic tanks it is important, it is one of the rights of Desludgers and also the responsibility of owners to provide PPEs.
  6. Don’t discharge the faecal sludge into the river or nullah because it is very concentrated pollutants.
  7. The tanker which is used for transporting of Faecal Sludge should be sealed properly. A note should be written on the tanker which shows that it is harmful.
  8. Manual Scavenging is Inhuman and also against law. Doing or getting manual scavenging both is punishable crime.
  9. Always discharge the Faecal Sludge into Treatment Plant.
  10. Get septic tanks emptied at every 2-3 years interval.
  11. Don’t discharge the Faecal Sludge directly at the field of any crop, it will be harmful for field as well as consumers.
  12. We can use the manure prepared by treated Faecal Sludge for growing crops which are not eatable in the form of raw crop or crops which are growing above the ground.

NPP officials participated at the distribution and displaying of IEC material

  1. Pratibha Singh (Executive Officer, NPP Chunar)
  2. Mithilesh Kumar (Sanitation and Food Inspector ,NPP Chunar)
  3. Saurabh Singh (JE Jalkal , NPP Chunar)
  4. Shailesh Kumar Yadav (Office Superintendent
  5. Suresh Kumar and Hiralal (GovtDesludging Supervisor)
  6. Ward members and some safaikaramchari

Target audience

  • All the residence of Chunar Nagar Palika Parishad.
  • Sanitation workers.
  • Supervisors of Safaikaramchari of Govt buildings.

Benefits of this awareness

  • We can get sufficient quantity of FS for running FSSTP.
  • Prevention of ground water as well as surface water from pollutant.
  • Can prepare organic manure for crops.
  • Can reduce manual emptying
  • Can save lives from infections due to improper desludging.