Challenge of the Balance: Batch of 2012

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List of participants    

Ms Sarah Livingston
Vice-president of Engineers
Without Borders Bristol S. Africa

Ms Stephanie Davis
MA Politics (Hons) from the University of Edinburgh UK

Ms Yuki Noritake
Bachelor of Arts, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick Japan

Ms Waiman Tsang
SHM engineer UK

Ms Radhika Goel
computer engineer, IIT Roorkee

Ms Sewa Traipathi
Prog Associate at GUTHI, Nepal

Ms Mahjabeen
Univ of Chittagong (CU), Dept of Public Admin, Faculty of Social Science B'desh

Mr Prunotto Enrico
Mech Engg; consultant in Bain & Company Italy

Mr Benjamin Mcintosh-Michaelis
Elec & mech engg at Strathclyde University UK

Mr Yousof Khan
Fourth year Architecture student
Bristol, UK


Mr Deney Mong Ming Chu
Second year of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. London, UK

Mr Rory Richardson
B.E Civil Engineering at University of East London UK

Mr Yash Maniar
Entreprenuer, teacher, India

Mr Pranav Pokhrel
Program Assistant,
The Small Earth, Nepal

Mr Khimananda Sharma
Masters of Science in Environment management, Nepal

Mr Istiak Ahmed
Associate Lawyer: Solutions Legal, B'desh

Mr Alak Sharma
Law, Sylhet Univ, B'desh

Ms Anjali Nambissan
Asian College of Journalism,
Writing feature articles, essays, editorial pieces, research reports, and script for print/TV/radio/web news Delhi, India

Mr Vineet Chhataria
British Council Climate Champion.
Gurgaon, India