Environmental Assessment Guidelines: Building and Construction Sector

October 17, 2023

The building construction projects play an important role in Tanzania’s economic developmentand since the sector is growing at a rapid pace in the country, the government needs to ensure that the development in the sector continues to take place but in an environmentally sustainable manner. Considering the importance, NEMC has requested CSE to collaborate and prepare these sector specific guidelines in order to bring clarity in granting and standardizing the EIA process.

The guidelines intend to assist government authorities, EIA practitioners, departments responsible for decision making and other stakeholders to design, conduct and implement EIA for this sector. It will further help deepen and build common understanding of environmental issues associated with the sector and facilitate greater stakeholder cooperation. These guidelines also intend to expedite the review process and address the existing gaps in the current practice by bringing some of the best practices being followed in the sector, and encouraging the adoption of alternatives that can prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

Nivit Kumar Yadav
Centre for Science and Environment, India
Email: nivit@cseindia.org
WhatsApp number: + 91-99680 23535

Novatus Mushi
National Environmental Management Council, Tanzania
Email: novabrkmushi@gmail.com
WhatsApp number: +255757730248


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