Inspection and Audit manual

August 27, 2021

CSE has prepared an Inspection and Audit manual for Ghana in collaboration with Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The objective of the manual is to establish a systematic approach for carrying out inspection and audits while maintaining transparency of operations within EPA. 

Audit and Inspection are two different aspects in terms of regulation. While inspection involves a quick survey of the plant checking various pointers as per the checklist, Audit is a deeper exercise to identify and analyse the problem areas and find out measures to rectify it. Audit helps in improving resource efficiency and in overall environmental management in Industries. Till date, EPA conducts only inspections, however, with this manual it aims to focus on audits as well to ensure strict environmental compliance. 

The manual details out how inspections and audits are planned, implemented, reported on and followed up by the EPA. It contains both the general guidance and sector-specific rules that would guide EPA officers and clientele on what to look out for during environmental inspections and auditing sessions. The manual can also be used by industries to do self-assessment and inspections even before EPA officials go to their facilities to inspect and audit. 

The manual will be an important document to rein in the non compliance of the industries and keep a tab on the action plans prepared by industries. This will also help EPA to maintain the database of the industries and analyse their environmental performance over the period of time

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